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The World of Learning Cities, Towns and Regions

Learning Communities are today’s fastest growth industries. The city, town or region that hasn’t embraced the lifelong learning health of its citizens as the key to its economic, social, political, cultural and environmental future is destined to live forever on the fringe of things with social disharmony, economic underachievement and an unfulfilled citizenry. Some experts even believe that current trends are driving us back towards the concept of "a learning city state" , for example Venice

But what is this animal called a Learning City? Where can it be found?  There are a couple of definitions below


‘A Learning City,Town or Region ‘

recognises and understands

the key role of learning in the development of

basic prosperity, social stability and personal fulfilment,

         and mobilises

all its human, physical and financial resources

       creatively and sensitively

to develop the full human potential of all its citizens

A Learning Community

is a city, town or region which

Goes beyond its statutory duty to provide education and training for those who require it

And instead

Creates a vibrant, participative, culturally aware and economically buoyant human environment

through the provision, justification and active promotion of learning opportunities

to enhance the potential of all its citizens



OK – motherhood definitions – but the construction of ‘learning cities,’ ‘learning regions,’ ‘learning communities’ and ‘learning organisations’ is now a key policy in Europe, Australia, North America, South Africa China and many other parts of Asia. The book ‘Learning Cities, Learning Regions, Learning Communities’ will explain all that and point you in the direction of learning materials on the subject for those who need to know more (which is pretty well everybody).

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