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Welcome to Long Learn - a parallel world of Lifelong Learning.


‘We are leaving behind the paradigm of Education and Training, which has served us quite well in the latter part of the 20th century, and are entering a quite different 21st Century world of ‘Lifelong Learning’. It is none too soon. The events of 11th September 2001 created new imperatives - that every mind should be opened to the ways in which human beings on this planet act and interact, that dialogue and understanding should replace hate and ignorance and that communities, organisations and people of all creeds, cultures, races and nationalities should seek out ways of helping each other to grow. That can only be achieved by making learning, lifelong and based on tolerance and enlightenment, the number one activity throughout the planet.’

Professor Norman Longworth ‘Learning Cities for a Learning Century’ 2001

On this site we want to do three things:

1. To demonstrate that the future of Local and Regional Government lies in boarding the train marked ‘Learning Cities’, ‘Learning Regions’ and ‘Learning Communities’

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2. To show that the essential drivers of this train are:
  • Firstly, ALL local and regional authority managers, professionals administrators and councillors. They must all know the direction in which the train is travelling
  • Secondly ALL their stakeholders in business and industry, schools, colleges, universities, community organisations and every other organisation that can make a contribution. They must support the forward motion of the train.
  • Thirdly the families and individual citizens, who can both contribute to, and benefit from, the journey.

There are few passengers on this train and there is no discernible destination (to stop the learning journey is to cease to become a learning entity, with all its consequences)

3. To provide the learning resources that will allow all these drivers to understand, and then to participate in, the creation of their own learning city, region and community.

‘Everybody must be brought to the level of semi-literacy of the average university graduate by the year 2000 - This is the minimum survival level of the human race’

Arthur C Clarke, Childhood’s End, 1963