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Lectures And Workshops For Transforming Cities
And Regions Into Learning Authorities

Aiming to be a Learning City, Town or Region?

This is the first stage of your investment into a brighter, more stable and prosperous future
The Workshop Leader, Past President of the European Lifelong Learning Initiative, Vice-President of the World Initiative on Lifelong Learning and author of ‘Learning Cities, Learning Regions, Learning Communities’ will lead practical half-day or full day Lifelong Learning workshops or give 90 minute lectures to a wide variety of Local Government audiences in their own communities.


Half-day and One-day workshop topics to include topics from:

  • Why Lifelong Learning? Towards Learning Cities, Towns and Regions – a 21st century imperative
  • The Characteristics of a Learning City; from Education and Training to Lifelong Learning in the city.
  • New perceptions of Learning in the Community.
  • Tools and techniques for developing talents, skills and knowledge in the Learning City.
  • The City as a Learning Organisation.
  • Indicators for a Learning City
  • Making Lifelong Learning work in the city; Leadership and Learning;
  • Learning City Domains: Communicating with Citizens, Creating Wealth in the City - Skills for employment and employability; Getting the most out of
  • Partnerships; Unlocking New Resources in the City; Using New Technologies and Networks wisely ; Celebrating Learning; Learning and the Family;
  • Environmental Imperatives for the City;
  • Stakeholder roles and contributions in the development of the city. The new requirements of the workplace, adult education, universities, schools, voluntary organisations, cultural services etc.
  • Learning Audits and plans, developing people.
  • Towards a Learners Charter. Developing a City Learning Charter
  • Tools, Techniques and Case Studies
  • Global Roles and Responsibilities for cities and regions


  • There will be one major presentation each half-day – for better learning the rest of the programme will be in the form of exercises, Case Studies, small group work etc Everyone will learn - Everyone will contribute.
  • Workshops can be tailored to specific audiences


    • For Lectures: £750 (Euro 1200) plus travel and accommodation expenses
    • Half-day Workshops: £1200 (Euro 1700) plus travel and accommodation expenses
    • One-day Workshops: £1900 (Euro 2700) plus travel and accommodation expenses
    • Prices include costs of all preparation time and hand-outs. Copies of the books will be made available for purchase at reduced rates.
    • Workshops will be presented in English. Hand-outs will be copious.

Administrators are invited to contact enquiries@longlearn.org.uk to discuss their needs.