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The World of the Lifelong Learning University

Town and Gown working together. University at the heart of local,
national and global communities

Higher Education has a key role to play in all aspects of lifelong learning and learning city development. It has the knowledge, the expertise, the person-power, the breadth of vision, the local, national and global contacts and access to funding opportunities. But has it the will to expand its horizons and to mobilise its potential contribution? This chart provides a concise, challenging and imaginative basis for the development of a university strategy to place itself at the heart of the wider community within which it exists.



Unlock the doors to Higher Learning for more sections of the population through universal university strategies that widen participation


Network with other universities globally to import and export new knowledge, experiences and research on learning cities and regions


Initiate innovative strategies for learning city development by tapping into the pool of creativity existing within all universities


Volunteer dynamic leadership to the communities within which it resides by developing and providing expertise, knowledge and action 


Energize learning city/region development through commissioned research, development and consultation activities that include the whole community, and improve decision-making by keeping both management and people informed of progress and results


Release their resources and the energy of their students and staff in the  service of learning city development


Satisfy the needs and demands of people by delivering courses wherever, whenever and however people want them and providing a continuous updating service for graduates and local workplaces


Include themselves in creative and fruitful partnerships with local government, schools, industry and other stakeholders to help build learning communities, cities and regions


Transform themselves into a true Learning Organizations through continuous improvement and quality management programmes for all students and staff in partnership with other organisations


Increase the employability of graduates and others through modular courses that include the obligatory development of language, entrepreneurial, management and personal skills 


Enliven learning city development through the development and application of tools and techniques that create a culture of learning


Stimulate the message of learning city and regional development by becoming involved in celebration events such as learning festivals, fairs, open days etc and representing the city in projects, missions and other events nationally and overseas



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