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Learning Cities,
Learning Regions,
Learning Communities
Lifelong learning and local government

by Norman Longworth

Lifelong Learning

‘The mark of development in the human story going forth in this millennium depends on the application of creative mind, thought and practice on ancient challenges that find new expression in the pressures of the modern world. The creation of Learning Societies depends on the fostering of Learning Cities and they in turn must be made up of learning communities and learning organizations. This book therefore is a timely contribution to an important subject namely – how do we create learning cities and learning organizations.

(Peter J Finnegan, Director, Dublin City Development Board)


This indispensable and visionary book explores the mental and social landscape of the city of today and tomorrow. It describes the way in which organisations and people act, interact, learn and live with and among each other; the crucial role of local administrations, learning providers, workplaces and other stakeholders in creating a better vision of the future. ‘Learning Cities, Learning Regions, Learning Communities’ addresses the urgent need for a guide to the principles and practices of lifelong learning for everyone in the cities, towns and regions of every country. Among the many stimulating topics are:

  1. What learning cities and regions are, how they are developing and the reasons why they are so important in today’s world
  2. The many practical tools and techniques usable by cities, towns, regions and their stakeholders to energise participation, engage people and help create a culture of learning  
  3. The local, national and global role of cities and regions to help combat the blinkered ignorance, binding poverty and militant terror that aims to engulf us all

Learning cities, towns and regions will not happen unless their decision-makers, their managers and professionals, and a large number of citizens, become co-creators in their construction. This highly readable and fascinating book therefore also identifies the many invaluable learning materials available from the internet that can be used to educate people from all walks of life and all backgrounds. In support of this book more than 57 learning sessions and 400 assignments and exercises have been written to help local government employees and others understand their role in creating their own dynamic, vibrant, prosperous and creative learning city, town or region.. here to see the associated learning tools

Councillors, advisers, managers, administrators and professionals in local, regional and national government, and their stakeholder institutions in workplaces, universities, learning providers and voluntary and community organisations. Anyone with an interest in the municipal and regional future - will find this important book extremely appealing, personally motivating and practically indispensable.


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    Publisher KOGAN PAGE
ISBN 0-7494 2727 2

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