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Professional Project Management

LONG LEARN has matchless expertise in the successful management of Lifelong Learning and Learning City/Region projects at local, European and global levels. Examples of recent projects are:

  • The PALLACE project – Linking Learning Cities and Regions world-wide. Click here for more

  • PENR3L (Pascal European Network)
    A project to establish a European network of academics and practitioners from every European country that will keep cities and regions updated in matters of learning regions, social capital development and place management. It has organised two expert workshops in 2007 and a major conference in Limerick in 2008. Click here for further information about PASCAL. For the Limerick PENR3L Declaration click here

    For themes and subthemes for discussed at the PENR3L workshops click here
    For a powerpoint presentation on the development of learning city concept delivered at the PENR3L workshop click here
    For the commentary for the above presentation
    click here

  • The LILLIPUT project – developing 14 learning modules containing 59 study topics and 180 lessons on all aspects of lifelong learning in cities and regions.

  • The INDICATORS project – developing ‘Stakeholder Audits’ that will enable Local Authorities, Schools, Universities, Adult Education Colleges and SMEs to understand the impact of lifelong learning concepts on their internal management structures and their external relations with cities and communities, and to take the actions that need to be taken to implement them. ...click here for more information

  • The TELS (Towards a European Learning Society) project – a study of 80 European municipalities using a project-developed ‘Learning Cities Audit Tool’ This also produced the European Policy Paper on the ‘Local and Regional Dimension of Lifelong Learning’

    To see a copy of the full tels report click here
    (MS Word Document 11.6MB)

  • The LILARA (Learning in Local and Regional Authorities) project – to discover the learning needs of people in local and regional authorities in order to enhance the development of learning cities and regions. Already ongoing in Europe and Australia, it has alredy produced a wealth of information ...click here for more information