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CityRings and the PALLACE Project

- a strategy for improving international understanding through links between
Learning Cities and Regions

The Challenge

Imagine, if you will, a system of linked learning cities and regions around the globe, each one using the power of modern information and communication tools to make meaningful contact with each other

Linking Learning Cities
linking Cities
  1. School to school to open up the minds and understanding of young people
  2. University to University in joint research and teaching to help communities grow
  3. College to College to allow adults of all ages to make contact with each other
  4. Business to business to develop trade and commerce
  5. Hospital to hospital to exchange knowledge, techniques and people
  6. Person to person to break down the stereotypes and build an awareness of other cultures, creeds and customs

And so on – museum to museum, library to library, administration to administration


Imagine,that these links include both the developed and the developing world so that say Brisbane, Seattle, Southampton, Shanghai and Kabul, to pick 5 at random, form one Learning Cities ring among a hundred similar networks…….

Imagine,that one tenth of the money used to develop military solutions to human and social problems were to be spent on people and tools to make more than 100 of these rings work effectively…..

Imagine,that such links had started ten years ago….. What difference might it have made to today’s world?

Isn’t this one of the key challenges to us in the modern World? Isn’t this a worthy objective?’

OK – so it’s a stupid, hopelessly idealistic, idea, BUT..Imagine the advantages…..

    • Thousands more people and organisations contributing to the solution of social, cultural, environmental, political and economic problems
    • A giant leap in mutual understanding and a tranformation of mind-sets through greater communication between people and organisations
    • Profitable economic, trade and technical development through contact between business and industry
    • Active interaction and involvement, and a huge increase in available resource through the mobilisation of the goodwill, talents, skills, experience and creativity between cities and regions
    • Fewer refugees – developing problems can be anticipated and addressed through cooperation between the cities
    • It’s sustainable – because it’s so much more dispersed. Governments and NGOs are no longer the only initiators of aid to the underdeveloped. Action is now shared with the cities and, through them, the people.
    • organisations and institutions in the city/region have a real world-class focus and raison d’être
    • Again three major advantages – understanding – understanding – understanding leading to solution - solution - solution

What an opportunity to make a real difference! That’s where the PALLACE project (Promoting Active Lifelong Learning between Cities and Regions in Australasia, Canada, China and Europe) started the process of linking cities and regions around the globe. It was the beginning of a great adventure into the alleviation of world poverty and ignorance. Read about it in ‘Learning Cities, Learning Regions, Learning Communities’ and consider your contribution.