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Making Lifelong Learning work


by Norman Longworth

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is no longer merely a philosophy. As Norman Longworth shows in this lively and inspiring book, it has now become a rapidly developing reality. Learning communities, where business and industry, schools, colleges, universities, professional organizations and local government co-operate and build a dynamic new environment to foster learning, are springing up throughout the world. The future for learning, from cradle to grave, is entering an exciting new phase.

Using many concrete examples of learning communities that are already adapting for the future, Norman Longworth also describes the circumstances under which lifelong learning can help cities, towns and regions to design and implement strategies for change. Packed with case studies and vital insights into the world of learning communities, the book provides a highly readable and thought-provoking glimpse of the future of learning within society and the city.

The future of learning is already here. Making Lifelong Learning Work - Learning Cities for  a Learning Century’ distils the best global practices into workable local solutions and will make compelling and indispensible reading for every person, private or professional, in local government, education, industry and the community at large.

The reader is guaranteed to be both entertained and educated by the wide-ranging vision and deep insight of this author. An essential for everyone concerned with education. A must for every thinking person.



    Publisher KOGAN PAGE
ISBN 0 7494 2727 2

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