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Learning Organisations in Actions

‘Learning pays. Training (at its best) will make nations and their citizens wealthier, societies more effective and content, individuals freer and more able to determine their lives in the ways they choose’
Sir Christopher Ball

The idea of a Learning Organisation need not be confined to Industry. This chart, used in many educational situations, describes ten characteristics of a true Learning Organisation. SMEs, education providers, Professional Associations and Government offices can learn from it. Many may seem quite radical - but they describe how the 21st century will affect working and non-working life in many different and diverse ways.

10 Long Learn Indicators of a Learning Organisation


1. A Learning Organisation can be a company, a professional association, a University, a school, a city, a nation or any group of people, large or small, with a need and a desire to improve performance through learning.

2. A Learning Organisation invests in its own future through the Education and Training of all its people

3. A Learning Organisation creates opportunities for, and encourages, all its people in all its functions to fulfil their human potential

  • - as employees, members, professionals or students of the organisation
  • - as ambassadors of the organisation to its customers, clients, audiences and suppliers
  • - as citizens of the wider society in which the organisation exists
  • - as human beings with the need to realise their own capabilities

4. A Learning Organisation shares its vision of tomorrow with its people and stimulates them to challenge it, to change it and to contribute to it

5. A Learning Organisation integrates work and learning and inspires all its people to seek quality, excellence and continuous improvement in both

6. A Learning Organisation mobilises all its human talent by putting the emphasis on ‘Learning’ and planning its Education and Training activities accordingly

7. A Learning Organisation empowers ALL its people to broaden their horizons.in harmony with their own preferred learning styles

8. A Learning organisation applies up to date open and distance delivery technologies appropriately to create broader and more varied learning opportunities

9. A Learning Organisation responds proactively to the wider needs of the environment and the society in which it operates, and encourages its people to do likewise

10. A Learning Organisation learns and relearns constantly in order to remain innovative, inventive, invigorating and in business.



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