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Lifelong Learning –
New Vision, New Implications, New Roles

For People, Organisations, Nations and Communities in the 21st Century

Too much of a mouthful? Then just use the first two words, as most reviewers do. This is what some of them said

"Longworth and Davies clarify concepts, ideas and practices relating to the development of individual human potential which will affect the future of all institutions and nations world-wide (Workers Educational Association Bulletin"

"A well written, ideas-packed and scholarly text on its theme" (Bio-chemical Education)

"Lifelong Learning as here described is not a didactic technique. Rather it is a way of life, a process, a habit of mind and an environment."
"Its concern is with meaningful knowledge, the kind that leads to understanding and insight"
"It should be read by those involved in all aspects of education, local and national government, professional associations, business and industry and individuals concerned about their future (Times Educational Supplement)

‘Lifelong Learning is especially appropriate for opinion framers, decision makers and those responsible for the development of organisations and people. It provides countless practical ideas, challenges, and strategies for learning and helping. I am pleased to recommend this book as essential reading for all Americans’ (American Council on Education)

‘I found this book tremendously stimulating’ (Teaching in Higher Education)

‘Lifelong Learning should be read by anyone who wants to understand a movement which will have universal implications’ (Training Tomorrow)

‘Apart from the quality of the arguments and the persuasive line of reasoning, it is also a damn good read! (Vice Chancellor, University of East London)

‘This book is both inspired and inspiring’ (Cooperative News 1998)

‘Having just read this wonderful book for the second time, I am breathless with excitement’
(Learning Consultant, Australia)

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Lifelong Learning

    Publisher KOGAN PAGE
ISBN 0-7494-1972-5

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