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The world of
Learning Cities, Towns and Regions

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Lifelong Learning Schools

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Lifelong Learning in Adult Education

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tools and diagrams

Characteristics of An Entrepreneurial Learning City

Basic Intelligences (Howard Gardner)

The Consultation Staircase Involving Citizens

Core Skills for Employability

Core Skills For Personal Lifelong Learning Success

From Education to Lifelong Learning in a Learning City

Linking Stakeholders Globally (diagram)

Learning Cities and Global Learning Cities, Characteristics

Fostering Inclusion in a Learning City

Characteristics of Learning Cities in India

Skills, Values and Attributes for the 21st Century

Learning Counsellors. Teachers of Tomorrow

Personal Advantages of Lifelong Learning

Characteristics of a Learning City

Challenges for a Learning City

The ELLI Charter for a Learning City

Definition of a Learning Community and City

Dublin's Learning city essentials

Key Elements of a Learning City

More key elements of a learning City

Learning Cities, Facing the Future

Why a Learning City?

Integrating the learning city

Creating a learning city

A Learners Charter of Rights

Priorities for Learning Cities

The Limerick Declaration on Learning Cities

Creating Partnerships in a Learning City

Initial Recommendations for creating your Learning City

Climbing the Learning Ladder

Two Learning City Definitions.