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The World of

The world of
Learning Cities, Towns and Regions

The world of Learning Organisations

The world of
Lifelong Learning Schools

The world of the Lifelong Learning University

The world of
Lifelong Learning in Adult Education

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Learning Materials

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New stuff that can be viewed and downloaded freely.

An introduction to the EUROlocal Project

Adult and Community Learning in the Learning City(Audit Tool)

Charters, Communicating, Consulting for a Learning City(Audit Tool)

Distance Learning in the Learning City (AuditTool)

Learning City Perceptions and Plans (Audit Tool)

Cities/Regions as Learning Organisations (Audit Tool)

Your City as a Learning City (Audit tool)

Schools in a Learning City (Audit Tool)

Learning City Participation, Partnership, Contribution (audit tool)

Transforming Learning Cities and Regions (diagram)

Learning Cities Environmental Considerations (audit)

Transforming Learning Cities and Regions 2 (diagram)

Learning City Resources Considerations (Audit)

Learning City Tools and Materials Considerations (diagram)

Learning City Stakeholder Involvement (Audit)

The University in the Learning City (Audit)

Vocational Education in the Learning City (Audit)

Skills and Wealth Creation in the Learning City (Audit)