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The world of
Learning Cities, Towns and Regions

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Lifelong Learning Schools

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Lifelong Learning in Adult Education

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Case Studies

Parks in Barcelona

Belfast as a Learning City

Cultural Industries in Sheffield

Learning City Dimensions for global interaction

Dublin's Progress to becoming an E-city

UNESCO GLCN Membership Concept

The Learning City project in Espoo Finland (paper)

Transforming German Regions for Lifelong Learning

A programme for Guides and Mentors in a Learning City (paper)

Learning Towns - the Victoria Experience

Scottish Power - A lifelong learning company (paper) Marion City - An Australian Lifelong Learning Festival

Urban Renewal through Cultural Activity in Boston, USA

Service learning - an idea to activate learning in communities

Playing for Success - A scheme to encourage reluctant learners

Improving the economy through social inclusion

Key Elements of Southampton's learning city (diagram)

Southampton City as a Learning Organisation

How Hume became a Learning Town in Australia

The Ideopolis - a City of Ideas for the 21st century

Norwich UK as a Learning City

Glasgow - a Scottish City of Learning

Gothenburg - a Swedish Learning City

Udaipur - an Indian Learning City