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Transforming education for the 21st century

by Norman Longworth

‘ The ultimate source of inspiration and
knowledge on learning for life.’

Another inspiring and entertaining book from Norman Longworth. This one provides a blueprint for Education in the 21st century by demonstrating how lifelong learning ideas and practice are even now beginning to influence ways of life and thinking in today’s changing societies.

Stimulating Case Studies from all over the world describe the revolution that is taking place in universities, adult education, business education and the more dynamic schools. Compelling narrative puts it all together into a charter for a lifelong learning future. Incisive diagrams encapsulate the essence of each facet of his subject.

Part 1 of the book is an entertaining tour de force of lifelong learning in practice throughout the educational world. Part 2 focuses in on the key roles and responsibilities of the schools in forging a new learning society. A must-read empowerment not just for all teachers and educators, but also for politicians , administrators, businessmen and members of the public who want to know what the future of education will be like.

Norman Longworth is one of the world’s foremost authorities on lifelong learning. He is a past-President of the European Lifelong Learning Initiative and currently Vice-President of the World Initiative on Lifelong Learning, a former UNESCO professor and a Visiting Professor at several European Universities. He has held posts of responsibility in all sectors of the education industry – schools, business and industry, universities and professional associations. He is well-known internationally for his vision, his expertise and his ability to give clarity to the complex world of learning. This is his third book written for Kogan Page. Lifelong Learning, co-written with Keith Davies, and Making Lifelong Learning Work – It is now translated into several languages including Spanish and Chinese.

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Lifelong Learning

    Publisher KOGAN PAGE
ISBN 0-7494-4013-9

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